LEGO 60284 City Roadwork Truck 

LEGO Audio & Braille Building Instructions for the LEGO City set "City Roadwork Truck".

Help the LEGO City worker keep the roads in tip-top condition. Drive the awesome front-end loader into position and set out the traffic cones and roadworks sign. Yikes! A rat! Help move the cheeky rodent to safety, then grab the shovel and wheelbarrow and get to work. Use the truck’s bucket to transport and tip the heavy rubble – when you’re done, load up your tools and drive to the next job!

On the right side of the box cover, the black and yellow front-end loader can be seen in action. The worker is sitting in the driver's cab. He is currently busy filling a hole in the road with rubble. All this ruckus made a rat jump out of the hole, it's quickly fleeing to the left. The hole is secured with traffic cones at the front and back, and in the bottom right corner, the green wheelbarrow and the dark grey shovel are ready for more hands-on work. At the back of the scene, a triangular roadworks sign is warning traffic participants of the ongoing works.

Open the box. This can be tricky; ask someone to help you!

The box contains a booklet with visual building instructions, two unnumbered plastic bags and two loose parts: the driver's cab and the bottom of the vehicle.

Carefully open both plastic bags, but before you start building, ask a sighted person to help you sort the pieces by color. This makes finding the correct pieces even easier!

First, we will build the worker Minifigure.

Collect the following 3 pieces:

1 medium blue and bright yellow upper part of the body,

1 bright yellow head,

and 1 bright blue pair of legs.

Assemble the Minifigure: put the upper part of the body on the legs, and then put the head on top.

The worker has a friendly smile on his face and is wearing orange safety goggles. He is dressed in blue overalls and a light blue shirt. The overalls have a chest pocket where the worker keeps some handy items: two hexagonal wrenches as well as a pen.

Find 1 white contractor's helmet.

Put it on the head, screen to the front.

Find 1 dark stone grey gravel shovel.

Put it in the right hand.

The worker Minifigure is finished! Great job! He is ready to make the streets of LEGO City a bit cleaner and safer.

Find 1 mud grey rat.

Will the worker be able to capture the rat and get it off the streets into safety?

Next up, we will build the triangular roadworks sign.

Collect the following 2 pieces:

1 white satellite dish 2x2 with 1 knob,

and 1 white flagpole 1x1x3.

Put the satellite dish on the table, knob to the top.

Put the wide end of the flagpole on the knob of the satellite dish.

Find 1 white triangular sign 2x2 with clasp. (This piece is printed.)

Snap the clasp of the sign on the flagpole. Make sure the tip of the sign is pointing to the top.

The white sign is printed with a red frame and a black symbol for a worker shoveling some gravel.

The roadworks sign is finished! Well done! Make sure to put it in a clearly visible spot to warn all traffic participants about your ongoing work.

Next, we assemble the wheelbarrow.

Find 1 dark green wheelbarrow body with wheel fork and 2 handles.

Put it on the table.

Find 1 black and medium stone grey slick rubber wheel with axle.

Snap the connectors of the wheel into the wheel fork.

The wheelbarrow is finished! Great! This will come in handy when the worker needs to transport rubble and other objects.

Next, we will build the front-end loader truck.

Find 1 black wagon bottom 4x10 with 4 side connectors.

Put it horizontally on the table.

Find 1 bright yellow brick 2x4.

Put it vertically on the two rightmost columns.

Find 2 bright yellow bricks 2x4.

Put 1 horizontally on the two back rows to the left of the previous piece.

Repeat symmetrically on the two front rows.

Find 1 dark stone grey flat tile 2x4.

Put it vertically to the left of the two previous pieces.

Find 2 medium stone grey plates 2x2 with top hinge stub and 2 knobs.

Put them next to each other on the two leftmost columns, hinge stubs to the left.

Find 1 black plate 1x4.

Put it vertically on the rightmost column.

Find 2 dark stone grey mudguards 3x4 with curved arch.

Put 1 horizontally on the two back rows to the left of the previous piece, wheel arch overhanging to the back.

Repeat symmetrically at the front.

Find 1 black plate 1x4.

Put it vertically to the left of the 2 previous pieces.

Collect the following 3 pieces:

2 black low profile bricks 2x2x⅔,

and 1 bright red plate 2x2 with 2 knobs.

Put the plate 2x2 centered on the previous piece and the column to its right, knobs to the right.

Put 1 low profile brick to the right of the previous piece at the back.

Repeat symmetrically at the front.

Find 2 white plates 1x2 with top clasp.

Put 1 horizontally on the second row from the back, starting from the right edge, clasp to the right.

Put the other one horizontally in front of the previous piece, clasp to the right.

Find 1 bright yellow bow tile 1x4x⅔.

Put it vertically on the second column from the right. This way, you are locking the two previous pieces in.

Find 2 dark stone grey roof tiles 2x2, 45°. (These pieces are printed.)

Put 1 to the right of the flat tile 2x4 on the 2 back rows, slope to the back.

Repeat symmetrically at the front, slope to the front.

The two roof tiles are printed with chromed ventilation grilles.

Collect the following 2 pieces:

1 black grille tile 1x2,

and 1 black and bright yellow small steering wheel with plate 1x2.

Put the grille tile 1x2 vertically on top of the previous two pieces on the left column.

Put the small steering wheel 1x2 vertically to the right of the previous piece, steering wheel to the right.

Find 1 medium stone grey plate 3x4 with 2 hinge forks.

Turn it upright and snap the hinge forks into the two hinge stubs on the left edge of the structure, knobs to the left.

You can lower and lift this plate. This will be the base plate for the truck tipper bucket! For now, lower it and put it flat on the structure so we can continue building on it.

Find 2 bright yellow plates 2x3.

Put 1 horizontally on the two back rows of the previous piece.

Repeat symmetrically at the front.

Find 1 bright yellow truck tipper bucket 5x4½x1⅓.

Put it horizontally on top, sloped end to the left.

Find 1 black driver's cab 4x6x3.

Turn it horizontally. Snap the bottom shaft on the right side into the clasps on the right side of your structure.

You have just built the driver's cab of the truck! You can open and close it so that the roadman can climb in and out.

Find 1 transparent bright orange nose cone 1x1.

Put it on top in the middle of the driver's cab between the four knobs. This is the hazard warning lamp of your truck.

Next, we will assemble the 4 wheels.

Let's start with one.

Find 1 medium stone grey wide rim with hole and spokes.

Find 1 black wide rubber tire with low profile.

Put the tire around the rim.

Find another 3 rims and another 3 wheels. Assemble them just like the first wheel.

Now, mount the 4 wheels on the 4 connectors at the bottom of your truck, spokes facing inward.

The roadwork truck is finished! Very well done! It is ready to go on duty!

Now, let's make two traffic cones.

Let's start with one.

Find 1 bright orange plate 2x2.

Put it on the table.

Find 1 bright orange nose cone 2x2x2.

Put it on top.

Now, find another plate 2x2 and another nose cone 2x2x2. Assemble it like the first traffic cone.

The 2 traffic cones are finished! These are very important for traffic safety. Make sure to secure your construction site with traffic cones and the roadworks sign.

Finally, let's assemble the pile of rubble.

Collect the following 8 pieces:

2 mud grey bricks 2x2,

3 medium stone grey bricks 1x3,

and 3 dark stone grey bricks 1x3.

You can use these bricks as building blocks or construction site rubble as you please.

You are all done building the LEGO City Roadwork Truck set! Very well done! Let's get to work and clean the streets of LEGO City. Will the worker manage to load all rubble onto his front-end loader? You are about to find out!