LEGO® Audio & Braille Building Instructions

– A whole new way of building LEGO models
Kids Building

Try a whole new way of building with LEGO® bricks

LEGO Audio & Braille Building Instructions makes the popular LEGO building instructions available as audio or text for braille readers giving blind and visually impaired children of all ages an opportunity to play with LEGO sets and to enjoy the developmental benefits of creative LEGO play experiences.

Learning through Play

We believe that learning through play is the best way for children to develop their breadth of skills such as problem solving, creativity, critical thinking and citizenship, and it is crucial that we take action to consider and position play as fundamental to all children's learning and development.

Fun & Fulfillment

LEGO® Audio & Braille Building Instructions opens up the joy of learning and social interaction through playful collaboration between the visually impaired and their sighted peers paving the way for improved confidence, creativity, problem-solving and communication needed to support life goals.

Inclusive Learning

LEGO® Audio & Braille Building Instructions present an inclusive learning tool for visually impaired children to express their curiosity, creativity and imagination in the same ways as sighted children as well as understand how real buildings look and how constructions work through their hands.

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